Two Tunics has established partnerships with several local Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to equip and enable them to provide care and support to children and others affected by HIV/AIDS in their communities. The work of our partners primarily involves the operation of crèches (preschool day care), feeding projects, home based care and spiritual ministry.


Communities For Kids

The goal of ths program is to build the capacity of local communities to care for their own children. This is accomplished by the provision of monthly nutritional support to around 1000 children, the building of crèche classroom buildings, the training and mentoring of more than 20 crèche teachers in early childhood education, and the donation of much educational equipment and supplies.



In 2019 this program was modified somewhat and we are now focusing on supporting children "graduating" from our supported creches into Grade R primary school. This year 57 children from our network of 18 creches received school uniforms and nutritional support. We continue to believe that education is a key weapon in the fight against HIV and poverty.




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