• Mike Nash

Opening of Mom's Kitchen

During our recent trip to South Africa, Robin and I had the pleasure to be part of the dedication and celebration of the opening of Mom's Kitchen. This new kitchen building and equipment with enable Sinekhono Project to continue to feed 300 needy school children after school. Two Tunics has been involved in supporting the feeding project for the last 8 years. The project started in a small wooden shed that was impossible to secure. It was frequently victimized by break-ins and theft of equipment and supplies.

At the end of last year Robin and I decided with the support of my dad that we wanted to help build a new kitchen for Sinekhono project. We wanted to honor our mom's who had both passed in the 2 years prior. We wanted to honor their memories and how they had served their families. It is with the same love,dedication and kindness that the manager Mooi and his team at Sinekhono Project serve children in their community. We emailed supporters of Two Tunics inviting them to make a significant donation to the kitchen in honor of their mom's as well. Several people responded and made donations. The names of 16 mothers being honored will be prominently displayed on the wall of the kitchen. We also were blessed to receive a small grant from The Boeing Employees Community Fund for South Africa.

We trust that this kitchen will be well used to serve needy children in this community for many years to come. We give all glory to God and are thankful for the blessing this place continues to be in the lives of these children. Special thanks to all the donors especially my dad Dr. Eldore Nash for his generous donation. We give honor and thanks to my mom Lois, Robin's mom Marilyn and all the other mothers remembered through this beautiful and functional kitchen building.




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